Spell Tower App review


This is a very cleanly and neatly build android word puzzle app we have come across with over different modes and levels of playing this puzzle game is even better than Boggle or Scramble With Friends. One can Trace Letters horizontally vertically diagonally which is very general but tracing words while overlapping the current swiped word adds a different bliss to the awesome word puzzle game.

There are many more things in the game that sets it apart from other word puzzle games. as when we complete the word the word tiles disappear and the tiles which are were above the word falls down and adds a new board to the game. Also this adds challenges and more difficulty and enjoyment to the game. One has to think alot while making words which is more realistic by overlapping words.

spell tower app review

One can never pre plan moves in this games that also enhances the speed to respond. The game has an objective to score higher and higher with rules going this way

  • Words must be at least three letters in length
  • longer words are worth more
  • Words with five or more letters give you an added bonus and even cause adjacent letters to disappear
  • There re empty tile which has no word just a blank space and cannot be used to do anything
  • And there area few blue tile that removes a whole Row if the blue tile is included in the word.

The Spell Tower App makes you play with it at the first time while giving a trial to you after that it is all upto you . We have no time limit in the game so the point is that we have to very much think before we make a word. The app is very much fun to play ! but one needs to play the game with an attentive open mind.



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