Samsung profit shrinks due to Galaxy S9 sales in Q2 2018


Huge competition is going on in the smartphone market almost in all the major developing and developed Nations. The competition is now having effect on the Samsung’s earnings of Q2 2018. Samsung profit has touched the low of the last 12 months. In the Q2 2018, Samsung has garnered around 52.2 billion of sales.

samsung q2 2018

Samsung IT and communication has gone down 200% in the last quarter. They have raked up KRW24 Trillion this quarter, comparing KRW30 trillion. Not well receiving of the Galaxy S9 is also a major reason behind the low sales of the concerned department in Q2 2018.

Well, we can’t say that Samsung is struggling in sales, it a matter of time. As there’s no major launch in the last quarter except the Galaxy S9 in Q1, 2018. In Q3, 2018, Samsung is coming with some major product launches including Galaxy Note 9. We are sure that it will cater the most in the upcoming Q3 financial reports.

Also, Smasung forecasts that tablet and big screen devices sale will increase in teh 2nd half of this year. We hope that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 get good sales otherwise we will see similar balance sheet in the next quarter also.

The Korean giant also expect major results in the second of the year.


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