Samsung Says PenTile Display Most Reliable Defends Its Use In Galaxy S III


Many Samsung fans around the globe expecting that Galaxy S III would come with SAMOLED Plus HD Display. But Samsung unveiled it with Pentile Display because its the most reliable display according to Samsung. The same type of display is already fitted in Nexus Galaxy.

Samsung marketing manager, Philip Berne Explains that the blue sub-pixels on AMOLED screens, like the displays in all of Samsung’s Galaxy S phones, burn out faster than their red or green counterparts. Because the PenTile matrix array uses half as many blue and red pixels as a full RGB matrix, the screens last longer than they would with the technically superior layout. The S3 has a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution display, so, as far as Sammy officials are concerned, it should provide the crispest images around, the widest viewing angles possible, and increased reliability.  What do you guys think?

Source: Mobile Burn

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