Asus Padfone Survives For 14 Hrs Over 3G browsing During Real World Tests


14 Hours of battery Backup, its excellent to heard it. But it happened in real during real world tests over 3G Browsing and device is Asus Padfone. During Official launch at MWC ASUS didn’t utter out even a word about its battery backup. But soon after promotional video got released and it suggests about 16 hrs of battery backup.

In laptop mode, the Padfone is getting 14.1 hours of continuos 3G browsing. With a WiFi connection, the Padfone got 2.6 hours of continuous browsing in phone mode, 10.7 hours in tablet mode, and 17 hours in laptop mode. Is similar to promise that they made. So is its imperresive or not?

Via: Engadget Chinese



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