Samsung Sound Emitting displays to be soon available on phones

Samsung has come up with a new concept and has grabbed the attention of the feature lovers. This new concept it called the ‘Sound on Display’. By hearing the name of the concept I am sure you must be confused, but we will explain in simple terms.

samsung sound emitting displays

Under this concept, display panel using vibration and bone conduction will negate the need of an earpiece. In this year last month an expo on Information displays was conducted. At this expo this new concept was displayed by Samsung and has actually been liked by many.The new ‘Sound on Display’ concept was running on S9+ casing.

The recent reports reveals that, Samsung and LG are about to commercialize these awesome displays next year. This means these sound emitting OLED displays will be available in phones next year.

By hearing this update, there can be a chance that Samsung might launch Galaxy S10 with this feature. Though we aren’t sure about this. Vivo has also announced one such launch the edge to edge Nex technology for next year. Apart from phones, LG already actually already has these new displays in it’s Crystal Sound line of OLED TV’s. I am sure that LG will soon get this new technology over it’s phones too.

This means that if you buy a device next year and you see the earpiece missing don’t panic. The device must be equipped with this display emitting sound.

Manjyot Singh
Manjyot Singh
As a Technology enthusiast, not only likes using gadgets but also loves to write and review about them. Have always been a fan of latest gadgets and smartphones with latest features.


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