Samsung’s ‘Activity tracker’ Pops Up On FCC Website


Samsung is giving exposure to its wearable gear and also the Korean giant is giving more attention to the health section of the users these days. However, An unannounced model called the “S-Circle” has just cropped up at the FCC, having already appeared at the Bluetooth SIG a while back. The FCC paperwork confirms the device’s model number (EI-AN900A) and description as an “activity tracker,”


Details are very slim on the device may be due to Samsung requesting that the FCC keep private most of the product’s features, but still the files indicate that the product will rely on Bluetooth to communicate with other devices. Samsung may put in the features of some other devices in into it like its S Band which is given with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

we will update this story when we have more information.

Source engadget


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