Sensics 3D SmartGoggles concept brings Android on board

Head-mounted displays haven’t quite caught on yet, but they’re sure to be the breakthough product of 2007 2008 2010 sometime soon. Startup company Sensics wants to try a different approach than products currently on the market. Instead of releasing a pair of glasses as a simple screen for other devices, their SmartGoggles concept is a stand-alone unit, with a full version of Android on board.

“Goggles” might not be the best name for the device, not when a word like “helmet” is available. The creators are claiming full 3D capability (probably using a lenticular display like the Nintendo 3DS) and 360 degrees of visibility, probably incorporating some kind of motion sensor. While the concept is clearly aimed at gaming, there’s no mention of partners or titles. An indeterminate version of Android opens a lot of possibilities on that front, and the PR claims that the SmartGoggles can be used with outside video sources from phones, tablets, game consoles, computers and other devices. How exactly do you control them?
Check out the CG-tastic teaser video below:

Sensics isn’t the only one looking to expand Android into the wearable technology field. Rumors of an honest -to-goodness HUD glasses system from deep within the Google X development team broke last week. Though not much is known about the device, we hear that though it runs Android independently – no external device is required. Google co-founder Sergey Brin is said to be working closely on the “Google Goggles”.
Sensics will be attending CES, as will Android Community, so we’ll be sure to track them down and see if we can get some hands-on time with a real product.

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