Sony Xperia Z1 Getting First Firmware Update


Its been only a day since Sony Xperia Z1 launch in India and users there have already receiving its first firmware update. According to users update is changed its firmware version to 14.1.G.1.531 from 14.1.G.1.518.

Xperia-Z1_14.1.G.1.531_1 Xperia-Z1_14.1.G.1.531_2

Currently Sony hasn’t revealed anything about the update or any changelog. Users are also saying that they are not seeing any specific change in the device after update. We also not have any new information regarding the update and is it available anywhere or in any other region.

Some geeks are saying that this update are for those devices which were launched in a wild. So Sony is pushing out the final shipping software with a few minor tweaks and adjustments.

Xperia fan boy’s site Xperia Blog are stating that this update will fix some bugs and include some security fixes but they are also not sure.

DId you receive the update on your XPeria Z1? Share your views via comments below.

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