Super Hexagon Lands For Android in Play Store


Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon has finally landed in Play store after its debut in Apple App Store. Actually, Super Hexagon is retro gaming icon Terry Cavanagh’s (creator of VVVVVV) latest gem, offering – as it does – a bewitching combination of 8-bit vector visuals and simple yet fiercely addictive gameplay.

The purpose of Super Hexagon survive is to make a triangle on which they close all the time deadly hexagonal shapes , going to the constant and frantic search of the space in which not being crushed.

Super Hexagon have some problems with Nexus 7 devices. Here’s ehat they say:

The game suffers some input lag on this device that we have been unable to fix. I originally excluded this device from sale, but after several requests from Nexus 7 owners I decided to make it available.

Other can enjoy this game by downloading it from Google Play store.


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