T-Mobile gets 600 MHz Spectrum for $7.99 billion; Dish acquired 480 Wireless Licenses for 6.2 billion in Airwaves Auction


In the US on Thursday, FCC auctioned new spectrum, licenses to many major companies. T-Mobile went out to be the biggest taker from the Airwaves Auction with spending of $7.99 billion.



T-Mobile bought 45% of the low-band (600 MHz) spectrum giving access to 100% of the US and Puerto Rico. Now, it will give direct access to the T-Mobile to compete in every single corner of the country. The Spectrum is important because in the coming years it is going to be main grosser for many telecom companies. Even, Qualcomm is now working on chipsets that support 600MHz spectrum. So, we could see 600 MHz powered devices by the end of this year.


In a statement, the company effusively said that it is now in its best-ever competitive position against the two biggest mobile providers in the U.S.:

T-Mobile now owns premium low-band spectrum that can cover every single American. And, most importantly, while the Duopoly’s existing low-band spectrum is already crowded and congested, T-Mobile’s new low-band spectrum will be clear and wide-open for customers, meaning a better, faster experience. With this purchase, T-Mobile now has significantly more low-band spectrum per customer than any other major provider and nearly TRIPLE the low-band spectrum per customer than Verizon.

T-Mobile now owns premium low-band spectrum that can cover every single American.

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Dish Network:

The next up is the Dish Network, it spent $6.2 billion and acquired just over 480 wireless licenses.


US Cellular won 188 licenses in 92 areas for $328.7 million. Comcast also spent some money for licenses in the 600MHz auction.

SPrint and Verizon didn’t purchased or acquired any new license.

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