Lucky Galaxy S8 Customers in the US receiving free Speaker Docks


Samsung Galaxy S8 is now slowly moving out the warehouses. Many users who have preordered the device have started receiving it. In addition, users who have pre-ordered it are receiving a gift also i.e Speaker Docks.

galaxy s8 Free Speaker Docks

Samsung Galaxy S8 is now getting to its users as Samsung has started shipping of the device. Some users on the Reddit have posted that they are receiving free Speaker Dock along with the device. It seems that users who have ordered it via Samsung official website are the recieving the free goodie.

We have even received an image (shown above) which shows a phone speaker being directed through a plastic cone. Well, what’s bad in getting free accessory?

galaxy s8 Free Speaker Docks

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Additionally, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus is coming in India on April 19th. Already, it’s been a huge hit with 750000 pre orders in the South Korea. Samsung might bring the 6GB RAM variant of the Galaxy S8 to the North America depending on its demand.

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  1. That is nice, but what does this do? Is it just an oddly shaped external speaker for the S8? Is there extra “dock” functionality?

    • It an external speakers nothing more nothing less just like it says on the damn box why would you expect it to do more …gezz dude

        • Troll boy what up, for a Sammy hater you sure like follow Sammy post, actually it’s kind if sad ….ok I’ll be your friend if it’ll help….gezz your like a puppy dog

          • I see f#cktard Phillip can’t spell or put a sentence together on this Android site either. Why are you on these sites when you know nothing about Android? You should really learn something about tech and then get your mommy to help with your spelling and sentences before posting anything.


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