Tablet Market: 67% Tablets Runs Android. iPad 28% And Windows less than 5%


According to the recent report from the strategy Analytics its revealed that Android runs on 67% of tablets in the market. While iPad constitute 28% and Microsoft’s Windows tablets gains 5% of market share. Above figures are of the Q2 of 2013.

tablets share

Earlier, in the past year’s same quarter, Apple iPads, were controlling 51.4% to 47.2% of the market; shipments were 18.5 million for Android and 17 million for the iPad.

Peter King, director of tablets at Strategy Analytics, said in a statement that the global branded tablet shipments reached 36.2 million units in second quarter 2013, up 47 percent from 24.6 million in Q2 2012. Well’s its clear that Android tablets are gaining ground, whether its branded or not.

Strategy Analytics Director of Tablets Peter King explained that the decline in sales could be explained by the fact that there have been no new tablet models in the quarter.

Microsoft’s Surface tablets are also in the race but are far behind the Apple and Android one’s. Recently Microsoft has reduced the price of surface tablets by $150, So we hope Microsoft will continue gaining some more sales.

So what you say? Share your views about this study  by Strategy Analytics.

Source: Strategy Analytics


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