Rumor: LG Vu 3 In Development According To Image Leaks


Pretty much Hyped the LG G2 is not only the Phone being developed and getting ready for the release but also we have a new device which is rumored to be releasing soon as it has been leaked from the LG’s office itself.


The photo details reveal the model number as LG-F300L, and the image itself is named as vu3-vr-panorama. The photo also points to the Vu 3’s camera being at least 13MP. All other things that we can conclude is that

Vu 3 will stick to the unique 4:3 ratio aspect found on older Vu devices, though this time the resolution will be bumped up to 1280 x 960.
We are not really confirmed with the news as it’s just relying on a picasa image that has a description that makes us conclude this but we are not truly sure.


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