How to take Screenshots on Galaxy S10/S10 Plus/S10e


Samsung Galaxy S10/S10e and the S10 Plus users can easily take screenshots. Taking screenshots on the phone is a straightforward and simple task. Although, finding the way to take screenshots is somewhat tricky for every device. You can efficiently use the screenshots to remember or archive any vital information on your device. To take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S10, you need to follow any of the following methods.

screenshot galaxy s10

Every method has its way to capture a screenshot. Follow every step precisely to snap the picture successfully.

Different Methods to take screenshots on Galaxy S10 series

Using Power and Volume Buttons

Step 1: Browse to the particular app, a page where you want to take screenshots.

Step 2: Hold the power + volume down button simultaneously for a second.

Step 3: Screenshot is saved on your phone, you can view it in the gallery.

Using Palm Swipe

Step 1: Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Gestures and Motion > Palm Swipe and make sure that this option is toggled on.

Step 2: Swipe your palm from either left to right or right to left in the air, the screen will flash and capture a screenshot

Using Bixby

Step 1: Hold the Bixby Button for a second.

Step 2: Now tell the Bixby to capture a screenshot.

These are few different ways to capture a screenshot on Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus. We hope you now easily take a screenshot on your device.

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