Temple Run 2 Hits 50 Million Downloads; Update Also Arrives


Temple Run 2 Android version

Temple Run 2 has recently crossed 50 million downloads mark. Now it has become fastest growing app ever as it has been downloaded 50 million in just 13 Days. Earlier the record was with Angry Birds which secured 50 Million downloads in 35 days. Above mentioned number is total of iOS, Android and Amazon App Store dwonloads.

Additionally, Imangi Studios introduce Temple Run 2 on iOS on January 17th and than after game debuted on Android on 24th January. Imangi co-founder Keith Shepherd says that “Temple Run has evolved into something so much bigger than us,” adding that “the game has performed beyond our wildest dreams.”

Earlier, Original Temple Run has downloaded 170 Million times.

Are you also Temple Run fan? and you enjoying temple Run 2?

After this announcement, Imangi studios updated their game on both Android and iOS platforms. On Android version of Temple Run 2 features:

  • Improved performance on older devices
  • Fixed track pop-in
  • Fixed bug which caused the same objective to be shown twice
  • Fixed various bugs and made other minor improvements
  • Fixed layout issues on 320×240 resolution devices
To get updated Android iOS App head over to Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.
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Adrian Abonce
Adrian Abonce
February 3, 2013 07:29

I was thinking about surprising my 7-year old niece by installing Temple Run 2 on her Kindle (she was already a big fan of the first version), but she surprised me by telling me the release date before coming out!!
These darn-smart kids!

February 3, 2013 07:44
Reply to  Adrian Abonce

New generation is techy and they love to play games on devices rather than playing outside.

Siddhardha Seetala
Siddhardha Seetala
February 8, 2013 01:52

It is a nice game. Harder than the `1st version.