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Well may it be day or may it be night , You have to use a keyboard on android what so ever you want to do with it ! may it be dropping an email, texting a friend or even searching a contact from the list we have to use the keyboard. basically keyboard is the only way left to connect with android. We use keyboards when ever we log into some app search An  App on Google Play or even Want to name a folder on the Home screen. What if your android keyboard is not apt for you ? it does not suits your typing style or your hand formation is a bit different then the Stock keyboard App developer 😛 . You should not worry about that as we have the best keyboards on android.


keyboard swiftkey

I consider this App is democratically build for every person from every religion and region. SwiftKey does not disappoint; gesture support (or Flow) is impressively accurate as is word prediction. These two features combined found me flying through long passages of text in next to no time. The Application has a 30 day trial which will make you much addictive to this App that you will just buy the App the day its free trial expires. The Application has a flow feature which allows to flow through alphabets and generate words.This makes typing experience the best.

Get Swift Key From Google Play


android kii keyboard

This is another swipe-friendly keyboard which allows users to swipe fingers over alphabets and form words with its awesome prediction. Voice support and rows of extra buttons are very well designed to give the keyboard a nice look.

The Keyboard is free to use but has a few locked options when using the Apps. And this is quite very irritating that when we write and select a feature to use the App opens Google Play for in App purchases. Skins are supported so there’s scope for changing the look and font of your keyboard to suit your thinking. There are many layout styles in the App by default while the best is for Tablet user. For tablet users we have a split keyboard that enhances fast typing on tablet and has very often used keys at the center space.

Get Kii On GooglePlay


Well these may not be the best keyboard Apps for all but wil be the best Apps for most of the android users like me.

As per my view these apps are for use only for the devices with android versions less than 4.0 as we do not have swipe and type feature in these android versions by default.

Umpreet Singh
Umpreet Singh
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  1. TouchPal is an awesome, free keyboard. It supports swipe including swipe up for numbers and swipe left to delete an entire word. It’s very underrated.


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