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The world is moving with an amazing speed in the field of technology and there are a lot of new inventions going in the technical market. There are lots of gadgets and devices which are especially designed to make your work more efficient. Some devices which are in the market are Laptops, Smartphones, Smart TV’s, high zooming digital Cameras and many more. They are working with different software’s and applications which provide you the accurate results.

These applications are also developed by the companies which make your work totally efficient and you can work smarter with these applications. Some of the developed companies which provide the apps are android, iOS and many more. The stated companies are the dominated ones in the technical market and downloaded by millions in the market. Some of the latest and top apps from Android are;

  • LauncherPro: It is the essential app from the android market which is very simple and user friendly. It helps in customising the different dock bar when you launch new apps. It makes your Smartphone screen as if you are working on a home PC. It optimises all the apps which are frequently used like Gmail and media files. There are other launchers in the market but this launcher Pro is the finest for customising the dock bar.
  • Quick Office Pro: This is a complete business application which is also from Android. It can used to manage all the office works such as create, edit and can share the office files directly from the Smartphone. It allows the direct access to the mails and also allows the user to open and edit the Microsoft documents, sheets, presentations and some PDF files. It can also view the documents in any formats like .Doc, .Docs, .XLs, .Xlsx and ppt. It can be downloaded from Google play store.
  • Chrome Beta: It is the application which is discovered by Android Authority with a merge from Google. This app is a web browser and if you use this app on a tablet it gives the tremendous performance and can also download the full version of Google Chrome. You can say it is the finest browser which is used in the Android tablets which works with the robust tablet management browsing and it can also synchronise your tab by this browser.
  • File Manager: This is also a special application which manages all the files as you can manage your files in the phones. There are thousands of file manager apps which are present in the market but this is a special app which can read and write your files. It has a better User Interface and gives you the access to the files before deleting the files. You can also move or edit the files and can share them in any format. This application can be downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • Amazing Spider Man: This is an application which comes under the category of gaming. It is designed and developed by Gameloft which produces lots of games for the mobile phones. This game has been launched recently and it is about the Spider Man which rolls down around the Skyscrapers in the unique mode. It has the improved graphics and animations with quality sound. It completes the missions by killing the evil minded people which are harmful for the city. This game can be downloaded from the Google play store or from the website of Gameloft.

The above apps are the finest and top apps which are launched and supported by Android and it is worth if you purchase these apps.


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