Apps to Stay on Top of Kickstarter Projects


Well Go through these 3 Top Apps to Stay on Top of Kickstarter Projects. This is really beneficial for public funding and is a new rage now a days.

K1ckstarter (Free)


Kickstarter’s own page doesn’t offer a way to see the most recent projects by category, opting instead for a “Popular This Week” page in each category, or a side-wide “Recently Launched” section. One can follow projects to come back later and join them and donate them. One  see their funding level, number of backers, start and end dates. 

Kickstarter Mobile  ($0.94)

kickstarter mobile

If one needs to follow and track the project development the one can easily get this app which is not a big deal when talking about your packet. You can easily find projects in the app by categories, searching for keywords, or importing your own profile’s backed projects. The best part is that the app has a few home screen widgets which will keep you tracked about the projects which are your favorite. Just tap on the Project after search and you will be  watching 3 options which says Remove the Project, Open the Project details and statistics and the 3rd one will open the projects website which by default opens in the android browser rather than the in app launches . When a ass a project to track we are not given the old stats of the project rather we have to wait  few days to let the stats be meaningful and usable ! 

KickMobile  ($1.02)

kick mobile

There are a plenty of ways by which one can segregate projects and find projects of one’s type by browsing then through : Discover, Staff Picks, Popular, Recently Launched, Most Funded and Categories. In other words one can search in discover to get the latest project news , rather go in staff Picks tab to get the best technical and practically possible projects , also one can search in popular for the most popular and responsive Projects in the App, While going in the category way is a bit traditional now. Going in Recently launched will get exposure to the latest released Projects up in the App. Which Checking for the Most funded projects you need to go in the Most funded tab.

Which App Should you Use?

Well there is one or the other benefit over these apps as they are form same area they are likely they same but with a difference of what you want to reap out of it. Yeah that actually depends upon you that for what purpose do you wanna use the app on android for.

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