Update: Twitter Replaced Their #Discover Tab With ‘Tailored Trends’

Today, Twitter announced that it will now publish trending topics under the search page on its mobile applications. It means Twitter is now ditching their #discover tab and from now, you can’t see it on Twitter. However, they are replacing it with something more interesting that is ‘Tailored Trends’. It is nothing but an improvised trend section with little description of each trending topic.

twitter replaces discovered tab with tailored trends

This new feature of Twitter of highlighting trending topics will help user to find interesting tweets as well as it will save their precious time. However,descriptions of the new feature added by Twitter is quite similar to the illustrations given by Social Networking Giant Facebook, when they launched their version of twitter’s trending topics, back in January 2014.

By doing this, Twitter can increase number of people to access their products and get more people participating in their new trends as well. On previous version of Twitter, discover tab was shown at the bottom navigation bar but new ‘Tailored Trends’ tab will appear on top of the screen when you click on the search icon. Clicking on the one of trends will show you the latest and top tweets by media and people you follow about the topic. And on further exploration will show the wider information about that trending topic.

This new update of twitter will do the actual work of discover tab which was not utilized correctly. The update had already arrived on iOS and Android but no announcement has been made yet for its update on web. But according to the reports, company is looking for this replacement on web as well.


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