Viber 3.0 Lands For Android, Desktop Client Also Arrives


Viber Media has launched Viber 3.0 for Android and iOS Operating Systems with some new User Interface. Well, Viber has also launched its desktop client to video call. So now you can enjoy the phone/messaging service on PC and MAC systems with seamless integration with Android and iOS devices.

viber 3.0

In order to stand up with the users demands developers have introduced newly fresh designed app for Android and iOS. In a Statement Viber CEO Talmon Marco said, “People spend a substantial amount of time on their smartphones, However, a lot of that usage takes place at home or in the office, where they have laptops or desktops close by. With Viber Desktop you always get to use the most convenient device. You can seamlessly switch devices while messaging and even transfer calls between your mobile and desktop.”

On Android company has also provided fix for the recent exploit that allowed hackers to access phones via the popular messaging app. Other features of Viber 3.0 Android App are as follows:

  • Transfer live calls between your Android and your Desktop
  • Online status indicator
  • Send video messages
  • New voice engine improves sound quality
  • New cool stickers
  • Add captions to photo and video messages
  • Viber is now localized to: Swedish, Turkish, Korean and Dutch

Checkout the Viber Desktop client introduction video below:

Here are features of Desktop client of Viber 3.0:

  • You can now send video messages to your friends
  • All new voice engine improves sound quality on both low quality and high quality networks
  • Online status indicator tells you when your friends are connected to Viber. Note: users can receive messages even when not connected!
  • In app banner indicates that you received new messages
  • Automatically download new photos for faster viewing
  • You can now add a caption to the photos and videos you send
  • Easily browse through photos received from specific users or groups
  • Show only groups in messages screen, so you can quickly find a specific group
  • Larger photos and larger photo thumbnails
  • Better looking contact info screen
  • New package of fun stickers
  • Accessibility is now supported
  • Viber is also localized to: Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Dutch, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and Indonesian
  • Performance improvements and multiple bug fixes.
  • So many more small features that we can’t even remember

Download new versions of the app from the respected stores listed below along with Desktop client link also.

Google Play Viber, iOS Viber 3.0, Desktop


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