Android 4.1 Jelly Bean officially unveiled


Google unveiled Android’s next version Jelly bean at Google IO 2012. Check out the video above. Project Butter introduces an even smoother Android UI using V-Sync adaptations and triple buffering to deliver a 60FPS experience. There are also many new features coming stay connected with us. The OS can now dial down the CPU when the handset is in standby, and wake it up again as soon as the user touches the screen.

One of the cool features of Jelly Bean is offline voice typing, which will be very welcomed. Jelly Bean now supports 18 extra languages, and the default keyboard is significantly upgraded compared to its predecessor. Google is making Android more accessible to various potential buyers, including blind users.

Search is also improved Hugo Barra, Director of Product Management, took the the I/O 2012 stage to detail the refinements introduced to its search integration. The new Search offers a new user interface, voice-based search and a Google Now feature. Google Now is perhaps the most intriguing new Search feature. It seems to know everything about you — almost invasively so. It knows what sports teams you like, what your commute is, what buses you ride and where the best restaurants around you are. It’s creepily self-aware, but sounds like it could be very useful for those with busy schedules.

Camera options and features are also modified from that of ICS’s. you can now share photos by tapping on the screen. To scroll faster it offers film strip option. New undo feature after deletion is also available on Jelly Bean.

Google Beam capabilities are also increased and improved as Google will let users share images and videos between NFC devices with just a simple tap, and NFC-ready handsets will be able to instantly pair with Bluetooth devices, again, by simply tapping them together.

Now you can perform actions from the app in the Notification bar itself without going into the applications. This feature is also best from all above according to us.

It will debut first on Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom in July. Nexus 7 Tablet is also coming in July with Jelly Bean. You can also pre order Nexus 7 Tablet Here. Google also unveiled Nexus Q social media player check it out here.

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