WhatsApp introduces undo option for Delete for Me option

One common thing we all do while using WhatsApp is accidentally tap on the Delete for Me option. There are many awkward situations where one can’t delete messages for everyone due to this. To curb this, WhatsApp finally introduced the Accidental Delete feature tweets Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp. It will undo the Delete for Me option and allow you to choose the desired option. The delete for Me option is nothing but deletes messages from your chat without removing them from the other side.

whatsapp introduces undo option for delete for me option

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Sometimes you accidentally press on it without any intention of deleting it. The new feature will help to undo the messages that took away from your view. It currently has Delete for Me or Delete for everyone options while selecting a message. WhatsApp will now display an alert message to undo after clicking on Delete for Me option. The notification will stay only for five seconds, and the social media giant wants you to act quickly.

To recall, the delete messages feature came in 2017 and can be deleted within 7 minutes. WhatsApp gradually increased to 60 hours, and we hope the app will increase the undo notification time from 5 seconds. Earlier this year, WhatsApp also came with a feature where a group admin can delete the message for everyone in a group. WhatsApp also tests an option to introduce view-once options for Messages.

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