World’s 1st True Octa-Core Mobile Processor Announced by MediaTek


The Term “Octa-Core processors” is been in the market for a while now, actually we have no such real Octa-Core processors in the market. Samsung Tried to build an octa core Exynos processor this year, but was not actually Octa Core.


Rolling out the news MediaTek,A company usually not known for high end Processors has released an Octa Core processors but this time it is with the term Real Octa Core processor with it. MediaTek looks to change all that with their new processor. They’re touting it as a true octa-core processor.

MediaTek seems to have been able to make all 8 cores work at once without overheating issues or other problems. This Processor can make earn a lot of respect for the manufacturer as it lacks respect in the industry but still supplies its products to half of the android industry.
Well still we are in wait of the benchmark and flagships details !
Mediatek is also engaged with LG to develop first Triple SIM device.


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