Xiaomi Mi 6 gets the Android 8.0 Oreo Closed Beta

The firm has already started recruiting some testers.l


Late as usual, Xiaomi has finally started focusing on Android Oreo development for its devices. Since Android Oreo 8.0 closed beta for the flagship Mi6 is now officially announced by the firm. According to a latest report, Xiaomi has begun recruiting beta testers for the same and the selection may last a few weeks or more.

In fact, while other OEM’s were busy testing initial builds of Android Oreo, the Chinese firm was perfecting its latest custom costume, the MiUI 9. Well, as the MiUI 9 roll-out is now almost at the peak level, it’s the time for company to develop Android Oreo.

If recruitment process ends well, the selected users will get a piece of closed beta version to test for a couple of months. Then there will be an open beta testing too which will be extending to more devices.  Later, a developer version will be released as a public beta. Hence, after completing all these process it’d take quite a while for a stable build to be in limelight.

Nevertheless, it can’t be unseen that still Xiaomi hasn’t properly rolled-out the Nougat base to most of the eligible devices. Redmi devices such as 3S/3S Prime, Redmi 4, 4A and so on haven’t got a single major upgrade ever since they launched. Anyway, let us be optimistic that it gonna change soon in coming days.



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