XMBC For Android “end user friendly” Build Out Now


xbmc for android

XMBC for Android “end user friendly” Build Out Now. Earlier XMBC Android version was available but those are nightly builds. Those builds were updated regularly as they are test builds but now you can download stable XMBC for Android. This is what XMBC Blog Saying:

“Running your favorite media-center software on small, cheap, embedded hardware is about to become a hassle-free reality. And as Android-based set-top-boxes are becoming more and more ubiquitous, it couldn’t be a better time.”

This User Friendly build is now available for download and it includes several new features and functions. With this latest stable version you can navigate your media library and set up online streaming. It also have support for hardware accelerated video decoding through the use of an external video player like MX Player. Some of the most popular XBMC addons have been built directly into the Android release.

If you’d like to check out XBMC for Android yourself, you can follow the step-by-step instructions for this “user friendly” release at the official website.


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