Xperia Home launcher enters maintenance phase, will no longer receive feature updates

Xperia™ Home, the in-built launcher of Xperia devices skinned by Xperia UI is entering into maintenance phase. Which means, further development of the launcher app will not give emphasis on addition of new features, instead bug fixes and optimizations only. Consequently, Sony has pulled the plug from the beta program of the launcher. Obviously as there won’t be any new features to be beta tested here after.

xperia home launcher enters maintenance phase, will no longer receive feature updates

Amidst that, Sony has rolled-out a new and final beta build, 11.3.A.0.17 on Google Play literally containing a lot of bug fixes and nothing else. Here is the changelog of final beta release:

Xperia™ Home 11.3.A.0.17 beta Changelog

Bug Fixes:
  • Widgets not updated.
  • Corrected calculations of blurred wallpaper offset in landscape.
  • Improved visibility of search personalization card
  • Open MMS matching text
  • Fix a crash when search fails to fetch a photo
  • Handle display size changes for shortcut icons
  • Don’t animate away Google Feed when Home is stopped

It’s quite normal that, at first sight, you’d feel the dip of feature-updates as vague. But, at its face value, Sony’s decision to put the app for maintenance is not at all bad, rather quite welcoming. Since, this will help in overall betterment of the launcher by complete phase out of the existing bugs.

Moreover, Sony has made clear in its statement that: “the maintenance will continue for as long as deemed necessary”. Hence, once the firm is sure of the launcher being free from bugs, the maintanence phase will be halted to re-start the normal update routine.

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