3 Must Have Live Wallpapers for Android


Bored with the stock android live wallpapers nor are you finding any worthy Live wallpapers on Internet. Don’t worry we have a list of best live wallpapers available on Google Play which will give your Phone a new scenery and ambiance. These wallpapers will of course have your battery at cost but they really are worth it.

So here goes the 3 must have Live Wallpapers for Android

Just Read on and download the Live Wallpaper which you find the best by the QR code provided.

Droots Live Wallpaper

  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 2.61MB
  • Price: Free* ($0.99-$1.19 add-ons)

Grow Plants on your Home Screen. Watch them grow  over Weeks. This app provides us with 20+ scenery and 15+ different type of plants and colorful varieties of them. Once we choose a seed of a flower we need to sow it in the Home Screens Mud and then Double Tap to cover with mud. Now if its a regular seed then it will take 4 weeks to grow fully if its a super seed then it will take about 2 weeks to grow fully. however more add-ons are available foe $0.99 which adds on another interest factor for die hard Gardner.


SwampWater Live Wallpaper

  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Size: 295KB
  • Price: Free

This Live Wallpaper goes for all biology students and Science Nerds. This wallpaper shows a microscopic view of the Swap water with clear recognizable Algae , Bacteria, Fungi, etc. One can really enjoy this wallpaper when getting bored. One can also change the color of the swamp water which gives a new look every time we change the color.


Pockets Live Wallpaper

  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 3.05MB
  • Price: Free

This is another very realistic wallpaper which features Roi the Raccoon, a cute, interactive pet that lives on your Android home screen. Roi runs wherever you tap, follows as you switch between home screens, and loves to be your pet. The Teddy like Pet Takes a Nap at night Hours with dark background . It has a very nice relevancy with the persons mood.and also dances when the music player is on !

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