4 Best Apps to Increase Battery life in 2013

We all are facing low battery issues when shifting initially to android from any other platform and mostly the high end phones make a person demotivate to next time reconsider to buy an android or not. So we are here with the best apps that will make you tension free from the aspect of low battery atleast for 2 days at least.

Off course there is no such tweet to boost your backup of your Android but yes one can actually manage the battery backup granted to him by stooping core processes and multimedia applications to s ave energy hence battery. So these Bunch of Aps Goes this way .

Best Apps to Increase Battery life of your Android

Juice Defender

4 best apps to increase battery life in 2013

Juice Defender is the best app we consider and recommend to all others whoa re facing problems with the battery backup of their android.The app has a ability to stop the battery consuming apps which are not currently in use and make the android more efficient in terms of battery. also this great app comes with a few inbuilt profiles (Balanced, Aggressive and Extreme) which help you manage that which type of energy saving agenda will you follow. also the Extreme profile has a capability to make the battery use on to 3 days.

Also the app has 2 home screen widgets which makes it more easy to use and Customizable.

Get Juice Defender From Google Play

Easy Battery Saver

4 best apps to increase battery life in 2013

This is another awesome app to save battery life that is being wasted by your Phone but taking other battery consuming processes in consideration . Its area of focus is the Network, Screen Brightness, Screen Time Out. Which is gonna Probably save you battery if managed properly. The Super Power Saving Mode Keeps your phone’s standby time as long as possible.

Get Easy Battery Saver on Google Play

Green Power

4 best apps to increase battery life in 2013


GreenPower is a simple and easy to use power management app for Android device. Once configured, it will automatically run and save your battery.

It turns Wifi, Mobile data and Bluetooth OFF when you don’t need them and automatically turns ON when needed by you or by other apps.

 Get Green Power on Google Play

Battery Booster

4 best apps to increase battery life in 2013

This app is ideal for Tablet users which keeps a track and takes notice of each change done to the settings that has a factor or another relates to Battery usage , Also it Monitors Battery draining apps very efficiently. It allows users to add quick control buttons to the home screen which includes WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, screen timeout, Airplane, etc. to make just from the screen .

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