Contactive: Caller ID App Review


Contactive, as the name says that it relates something to contact anyone or everyone.The recently released Android App hoes on the same. The call management app supercharges both the address book and caller ID functionalities by providing users with up-to-date information of contacts and unknown callers. From contact information varying from Location, Social Network, Name … The App does it all . The new awesome Caller ID App, Contactive is capable to track the identity of an unknown caller that too just on the caller scree. Adding on it combines photo, name, email address, latest tweet, current city, and job associated with every phone number and makes us the identity of the caller clear and distinct.

contactive app review

This very updated app will change the future for a term caller ID at least.  As this app is preloaded with too much features that a caller ID had yet till now. This app Combine over many aspects of life for which a person can be segregated and visualized without even knowing him.

Why Only for Android

One question that many IOS lovers may ask themselves that Why this App is not available on iOS . But the answer is crystal clear with strict guidelines iOS doesn’t allows us to let any app over run any inbuilt iOS app. Yes one can never change the default Caller screen to any other third party app unless and until its in another iOS update.

Where AppGratis turned to android after getting banned in the iOS app store there is no scope for an app like Contactive to be there at iOS app Store.

contactive app review

Essy Logging In

This is one of the factor that all Apps should have had thought on. Yes the App is pretty easy to use . while the only condition is to sign Up for an account for Contactive App by any Gmail without verification or one can simply verify and allow access to his Facebook account and get a wild card entry in. Ans this can be done g much faster than you read this.

A person just needs to scroll a couple of slides to read about the App or one can just tap Sign Up or Login through Facebook on the first screen.

Impressive Layout & Keypad

This is one another thing what we liked about this App. The App has Got amazingly very nice layout with better and responsive features that includes favorites, Lists (To manage people from Different Profession ). Their is another feature in the tabs at the bottom of the screen which reads as”Updates” which only works on if we have any Social Network Synced with the App. As for now when i tried that App i didn’t configure it with my Facebook account rater i just made an account on Contactive. So i don’t have much info about what the feature gives us.

Hopefully it Gives us updates on what our friends are doing to make us updated about  that when we attend a Phone call From them or we just call them the App itself flashes their latest Tweet or Facebook status which makes the conversation much more happening .

The Caller Screen

The Caller Screen for this app just overlaps the default caller screen and is a bit laggy on Smartphones running on Android 2.2 or 2.3 Ginger Bread.Still it makes a very nice Interface to a user to read updates of the unknown person calling while accessing the basic calling options to set at the bottom of the screen.


At the end one can use this app as a very beneficial App making a good choice over True Caller and other Apps available on the Google Play Store.

One can also read more about this awesome app by just visiting its official website  that is

Also you can download the app from Google play.

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