AccuWeather for Android – Top Weather App


The AccuWeather for Android app offers accurate and localized weather all wrapped together in a beautiful, straightforward interface. The interface is very general and has good font and colors.

Outline of AccuWeather for Android

  • Version: 2.0.10
  • Size: 9.08MB (no apps2SD, necessary for widget functionality)
  • Category: Weather
  • Price: Free


  • Accurate and localized weather forecasts for locations around the world
  • Current weather conditions updated every 15 minutes
  • Unlimited locations can be stored, plus 10 “favorites”
  • Elegant, informative home screen widget

Areas for improvement:

  • Increase length of time-lapse progression for the radar/map overlay
  • Option to display both °C and °F simultaneously

The AccuWeather for Android has a very nice on screen 4×1 widget which is really nice to look at and has all the required weather information like location, and today’s high/low temperatures on the screen. Like most other widgets, tapping it launches the full app.Just after downloading the App we need to set the Place we are currently in . Also we can have multiple places to track weather of. which can be easily switched between and also can be managed very easily from just a single tap drop down. also another Good feature is that one can actually track the 1 hour forecast with 24 hour traditional forecast. Switching between 1 hour and 24 hour forecast is also never difficult with AccuWeather for Android as we can just slide screen and change the entities to view while not changing the screen and being on one screen.

One can alos have a deep forecast of a place by clicking on the calendar icon, it will show you the forecast for next 14 days with syncing with internet it always gets you best results. While clicking on satellite icon next to calender icon we can have radar view of your surrounding area on the map where one can really track if a wind storm or a tornado is coming near by, also by clicking on clipboard icon one can watch forecast videos related to your Place directly from the App.

Get AccuWeather for Android on Google Play


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