Amazon To Release “five or six” New Kindle Fire Models Says Staples Executive


Today Staples President, Demos Parneros outs piece of information about Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Fire. He said that Amazon is working on to release five or six new Kindle Fire models and out of them one will be of a larger form factor about 10 inch. It isn’t clear exactly how Amazon would fill out a lineup featuring five to six new devices but now we can assume them as LTE enabled and without LTE, Tablets of 7 inch and 10 inch screen size, etc.

A separate report suggested that Amazon will launch new Kindle Fire slates early next month. Amazon is definitely looking to expand their Kindle Fire lineup, and that 10-inch version we have been hearing about might be coming sooner than expected. There’s also rumor which suggests size of 8.9 inch.

via The Verge


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