Android L Security Measures

Android L packs very important features in its security measures heap...


As Google introduced Android 4.4 Kitkat last year with some advanced security mechanisms. THis time Google has embedded much better security measures in the Android L which is previewed today at Google IO 2014 opening keynote.

Android l security

Android L consists many security measures or mechanisms. The first is that Google will push security patches via Google Play Services instead of Android updates – making the whole process more secure and reliable. It will have full protection against malwares and it won;t be easy for them to infiltrate into your devices  and will have a full factory reset protection for remote wipes.

“We take security very seriously. In Google Play we scan every application for malware. The popularity of Android means there’s a market for targeting it. But today 0.5 percent of Android users ever experience malware. To keep it this way we’re updating security every day,” Pichai said.

Google will also rollout Universal Data Controls to Android L. This will be a single place where adjustments will be able to be made to all privacy settings for all apps inside Android.

The Android L upgrade also features new a Personal Unlocking service. You can choose to have your device automatically unlock if it recognises that it’s in a secure situation.

Also there are battery usage improvements with the help of project Volta and Visuals are already up with Material Design.

Google has also announced Android One Program While previewing the Android L at Google IO keynote today.

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