Android Monetization: Develop apps and make money


You may have always wondered if you could make money from the app you have developed. The answer is yes. There are many ways to ensure that you receive the maximum revenue from your app. On the other hand, you must understand a few things before you start the process of monetizing thorough your Android. As an Android developer, you must know certain tricks in detail.


  • Refresh Rate: This specific feature was introduced in 2011 by Google. This feature lets you control how frequently ads or commercials get refreshed in your app. The, a popular Android ad network is minutely observed by AdMob which is the ad company of Google. This company had a belief that the “Refresh Rate” feature must be introduced in order to help various people monetize individual apps. They thought that people would be able to do the same more on a personal level. Nevertheless, it is definitely not easy to develop something which is suitable for everyone’s requirements. That is why, by personalizing the refresh rate of an ad, the maker of an app is capable of fitting the ads in accordance with different set of audience.
  • The Rates: You are allowed to refresh your ads every 12 secs. However, this can vary and go up until 120 secs. The audience is diverse when it comes to taste. That is why you must go for separate refresh rates for different group of people. It also depends on the kind of app you have developed as an Android developer and also on the people whom you are promoting it to.
  • Suggested Strategy for Optimization: You must be aware that it is never possible to know the most productive refresh rate suitable for your app unless you try and test it in the first place. You must follow specific strategies for optimization to know the most suitable ad rate for your app. You must monitor your results specifically to ensure that sufficient time is devoted to every step. This is going to reconfirm the achievement of the complete results.
    • The Default Rate: The default rate for refreshing each ad id generally 60 secs. You must check if this refresh rate is working for you. The effect of this rate is going to help you reconsider the refresh rates. Monitor the income for 24 hours.
    • Reducing Rates: You can reduce the refresh rates and make it 50 secs and then observe the changes for the next 24 hours.
    • Increasing Rate: Next, you should make it 70 secs and monitor the changes of income.
    • Compare: Now you should compare all these results and see the difference it makes to your income. You must consider whatever works best for you.
  • Factors: You have to keep it in mind that the refresh rates change in accordance with a number of factors. It depends on your target country, even the city. It also depends on the type of content you are presenting to your audience. Additionally, the age group and the ethnicity of your audience do also matter in an Android ad network. So, you should keep your refresh rates changed while keeping the factors in mind.


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