Here is the Play Store v4.3.10 with Some Tweaks


Google recently launched an update for their Play Store, namely it is the version v4.3.10. The update is not a major one as the previous update, this update brings no change in the interface, but some changes under the hood.

play store update

The Android Police guys have dwell in the update and found the new things and fixes that are their in the update. in the update Google has introduced the “recently Updated” section. The idea behind this is to simply provide you an list of apps that have been updated recently. Next on the list are the app notifications, where you would be having only one notifications for all apps, instead of a single notification for each and every app.

There are many other minor improvements and changes in the new update of the Google Play Store v 4.3.10. You could check out more things in the source link given below.



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