Android P will retain Volume levels for different Bluetooth devices

It looks like Android P will gonna be a major update over the current latest Android 8.1 Oreo. A few days back some details were disclosed in which an iPhone X like nav bar was leaked. Now some new facts are there to accompany the old information, the new Android P will remember the volume level you prefer using with different devices. This might sound you hollow for now, so let’s check out some in-depth facts and figures about Android P.

android p will retain volume levels for different bluetooth devices

As per the figures revealed by “Android Open Source Project”, the new Android P will remember the volume level you use with your different Bluetooth audio devices. You may have faced a situation when your headphone or speakers just boost up as you were listening to the songs on some other device with max vol. Suppose you just entered the gym and there you played songs at max vol to enjoy that adrenaline rush later you just connected your Bluetooth headphones to the device and you end up cracking your eardrums. This all is because your Android doesn’t recognize that whether the device connected is the old one or is some other audio device.

To solve that issue Android P has been customized and in the upcoming developer builds we will experience this inbuilt feature. This will be a great and practical variation in the Android ecosystem. “Implement Bluetooth device Volume memory” has been approved and blended in the Android Gerrit. After its rollout, a user will not have to face that annoying volume problem. For more details about Android P stay tuned to GoAndroid.

Akshay Dua
Akshay Dua
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