AT&T to Begin Testing 5G Network this year.

AT&T announced that company will start testing 5G network which offer speeds at 10 to 100 times the fastest of today’s 4G LTE networks. These tests includes the Lab testing and outdoor testing. However, 5G won’t be commercially viable until around 2020 (or 2018 if you live in South Korea).

at&t 5g network

Verizon announced 5G network testing in last year while AT&T announced its plans for 5G network testing and company even use some components of the 5G service to Wireless Broadband later this year.

Customers will see speeds measured in gigabits per second, not megabits. For reference, at one gigabit per second, you can download a TV show in less than 3 seconds. Customers will also see much lower latency with 5G. Latency, for example, is how long it takes after you press play on a video app for the video to start streaming on your device. We expect 5G latency in the range of 1 to 5 milliseconds.

Presently the LTE Networks gives 150 MBPS speed while according to the various discussions the 5G Network speed will be anywhere between 10Gbps to 20Gbps. Which means you can download a two-hour HD movie to your smartphone under 3 seconds.

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