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When it comes to smartphone mobile platform, statistics revealed that more than 50% are using Android. More than half of mobile users are using smartphones, which is not a surprise since these gadgets pack more when it comes to features compared with other types of mobile phones. While it is an advantage to have the power to be connected to the Internet all the time with the use of a smartphone, doing this may put your phone at risk to virus attack similar to when you are using your computer. Threats may be in the form of phishing or malware attack. While this may be true, antivirus applications can help prevent data theft or virus infection. Here are some of the best that the industry has to offer as of this moment:

best antivirus for android phones



Kaspersky was first introduced to the market to help protect computers. When smartphones came out, Kaspersky also came out with a mobile application especially designed for smartphone users. If you use this application, you will be given real-time virus protection. The application will scan your phone of malware, spyware and other types of unwanted infiltration.


Aside from this, Kaspersky offers the added benefit of being able to screen out unwanted text messages and phone calls. Just like the one offered for computer use, the mobile-based Kaspersky antivirus also sends you alerts when you are scanning malicious applications.

Download: Kaspersky



If there is one antivirus for Android that is highly recommended by technology experts, Lookout would be on top of the list. This is not only hailed for being able to protect Android phones but also of iOS gadgets, as well. While other antivirus & anti-ransomware applications will only scan the presence of virus in your smartphone, the Lookout application takes the notch a little bit higher by being able to create a backup file for important data in your smartphone such as your contacts. It also has real-time scanning options similar to Kaspersky and to top this up, this application has the ability to warn you if a Wi-Fi connection is dubious. Aside from its antivirus property, Lookout can also be used as a tracker. This two-in-one application saves you storage space instead of downloading separate applications for a phone locator and antivirus.

Download: Lookout



AVG has been providing antivirus protection for many years now. The AVG team is constantly updating their system as an answer to new virus infections circulating in the mobile market. This application offers protection against malicious applications, Trojan and much more. It has the ability to monitor your smartphone’s battery and prompts you when this is running very low. AVG application also offers the ability to backup and restore files. What makes this application unique is that it has the ability to make your phone scream, helpful if you misplaced your smartphone just somewhere within your living space. It can also be used to get rid of applications that are taking up too much space in your phone memory. Download: AVG




Norton has been downloaded more than 7 million times for Android. Norton application has the ability to block spam messages in your email that might contain phishing page links. This application also has the ability to block unwanted messages in your mobile inbox. Its paid version also has the screaming feature found in AVG antivirus. It also offers the added benefit of being able to restore or backup your files. If you plug your smartphone to an external device, Norton will scan for malware and will ask for its deletion once this is found.

Download: Norton

Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross
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  1. This article is completely invalidated by the omission of Avast which nearly every other reputable reviewer places as one of if not the best available. Norton? Really? The 90’s called and they want their review back.


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