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We have compiled a list of Best Compass App for Android. Unlike all other sensors, Compass is the oldest one which is present in Human history since the 1800s. Many explorers and invaders used a compass to navigate different places. Similarly, in new times, every smartphone carries a compass sensor. Although, most of the manufacturers didn’t provide an interface to use it. So, there’s always need for a third party app to access compass.

What is Compass?

Although with time, the simple physical compass has waved from the market. The smartphones have replaced the physical compasses. Now, due to increased usage of the compass in different works, many users are looking for Compass App on Android. It even helps you to find the location if you are on some adventure trip.

Users can easily install the compass app from the Play Store. We will help you get the best compass app which will give you some additional features.

Why do we use Compass?

In olden times, there was no GPS or another smart mode of location service. Only physical marking or compass was present. The compass tells you the location of yourself in respect to the world. In order to use it, users need some guidance on how it world.

It was typically used to find location and where you’re heading. Nowadays also, if you’re going on an adventurous trip, then make sure to install Compass App on Android device.

Now wasting any time let’s straight move to the list of compass app for Android operating system.

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List of Best Compass App for Android

Altimeter Ler –  Allrounder Compass Apps for Android

It is one of the popular compass apps for Android. it is also available foriOS devices. Altimeter GPS Pro app is quite useful with some extra beneficial features. It is a full bundle of navigation matrices. It can showcase, direction, distance, altimeter, direction, speed information and total time.

Further, there’s an option to choose a Map provider from various options. It gives very precise information and highly useful features. It is available for free for both Android and iOS.



It is the most basic compass app that shows you all the coordinates. It supports magnetic and true north along with current location coordinates. Users can easily copy them and share on different apps. It also allows you to show the magnetic field strength. Furthermore, the Compass app has loads of customisation options, It can be used on high-resolution devices also.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Magnetic north and magnetic strength support.
  • Users can copy, share and view the coordinates on a map.a

Get Compass on Play Store

Digital field Compass – Best digital compass app for Android

Are you not familiar with the Analog design the most compass Apps? Then the Digitial field compass is purely developed for you. It is simple to use and provides you with a clear User Interface. It shows what is necessary and deletes unnecessary junk from the main page view. Digital field Compass helps to preserve your battery due to its efficient UI and other features.

The field compass app is the best digital compass that you can get on the Android. It also saves your eyes from strain during nighttime. It is available for free from the Play Store.


  • It is quite easy to use and simple to understand
  • Always accurate
  • It is available for free
  • It offers Might Mode

Get it from Play Store

Smart Compass: All Rounder App for your device

Do you want a single app for various functions? Then Smart compass is the answer for the same. It can serve as a metal detector, a distance measuring app, GPS speedometer and any other utilities at the same time.

The compass app can help you with features like a telescope, night, digital and Google Maps modes. It can give you a real-life view for direction.


  • Includes different modes
  • GPS Speedometer also present
  • Real-time directions using the camera
  • Metal Detector, Distance Measuring and many other tools in one app

Get Smart Compass from Google Play Store

Compass 360 Pro: Easily customisable App

It is a highly customisable app available for Android with many additional features. Users can choose different skins as per the mood and can even set up different languages.

You can view latitude, longitude and altitude. It allows users to switch between true north and magnetic north. It also gives you magnetic level information in a progress bar.


  • Available for Free but with some ads.
  • Highly customisability
  • Switch between actual north or magnetic north

Get Compass 360 Pro Google Play Store

Well, we hope the list of best compass app for Android devices has served the purpose. We will keep updating the list with time. If you have any recommendation, then you can comment below, we will surely improve the list on the basis of your recommendations.

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