Chrome Beta For Android Update Brings Several Bug Fixes


chrome-beta update

Chrome Beta for Android has received update again (after 5 days of last update). This time there’s no new feature added to the version 25.0.1364.74 of Chrome Beta Android App. While there are many bug fixes added to this new build.

Now you can load any page on your Samsung Galaxy S2 which was earlier unable to load on it. Google has also fixed bug which earlier shows blank page when we open links from external apps. There are also new known issues and fixes which you can check below:

  • 158633: Overaggressive tap disambiguation popup
  • Resolution for some frequently occurring crashes

Known Issues:

  • 171103: Login issues on certain sites including and
  • 174665: Text selection and text input handles appear at incorrect positions
  • Lower resolution/blurry content takes time to sharpen during rapid scrolling on certain websites
  • Graphical corruption and flicker on some sites, particularly on
  • Text autosizing may break formatting on some sites
  • Continuing sad tabs/tab crashes, especially on tablets

So if you’r following Chrome Beta releases than head over the link below to download Chrom FOr Android.

Download: Google Play


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