Clubhouse app going global with its worldwide launch


Clubhouse, a real-time audio chat service has announced on Twitter that they are going to launch its service worldwide. Recently, they announced the launch of the app for the Android Platform. But, it was limited to English-speaking countries only. It has launched for the US followed by UK, Canada, and Australia in the beta phase.

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The app is available for download via Playstore in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia but you will still need an invite to use the application. The Android platform launch of the service is to bounce back and compete in the market. As the app was available only for iOS earlier, other brands came up with their own app to compete, leading to a decrease in the numbers of downloads for Clubhouse. The app made an Android platform launch last week for the English-speaking countries and now they have announced it for other countries as well.

Recently, a tweet from Clubhouse’s official Twitter handle reveals their schedule for launch in other countries.

The tweet reveals the launch of Japan, Brazil, and Russia on Tuesday. In Nigeria and India, it will arrive on Friday and the rest of the world by Friday afternoon. Launching the app worldwide will be a major step for the brand as the number of users will increase drastically. The app will be available for all of you by Friday afternoon to use, you can download it directly through Playstore. It will still be invite-only, so you have to wait for the invite to use the App.

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