CM Team Keen To Develop The New Rom Based On Android 4.3


Google recently announced their newer brand new version of Android 4.3 yesterday at the breakfast with Sundar press event here in San Francisco.We already found developers building roms based on Android 4.3. CyanogenMod is arguably one of the best Rom Developer out there, with almost catching up every latest android firmware based Roms. And, recently they announced they are working hard to to updating their Android base to the latest.


Most of the time, it doesn’t takes much to cover up the latest android version for the CM team. What is not sure is when we will get any further official statements from the CM team. Information coming from the CM team tells us that they have updated their code from the AOSP repositories and merged that code to Github. They already launched an CM-10.2 section but have advised developers not to work on it until they sort out some of the issues.

This is what they released :

All AOSP repositories have been merged into our Github and branched to “cm-10.2″. Do not build it yet. There are a multitude of build errors that we are working through. We will put up another status update when everything has settled down.


Once things are somewhere near stable, the team will start rolling out some Nightly build to give out some of the visuals how the CM-10.2 will be and how will it work.

Source: Plus Google

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