MediaTEK and LG Gears To Offer Industry’s First Triple-Sim Smartphones


There are fine number of dual-sim phones in the current market, but you will soon see the world’s first triple-sim device thanks to a partnership between chip-maker Mediatek and LG. Mediatek recently announced that an triple-sim technology is currently in the works which is designed specially for 3G android Smartphones and has been utilized in LG’s upcoming devices.



The new technology, stated by Mediatek is to meet demands of emerging dual-sim markets and has been utilized in one LG device that is  Lg Optimus L4II, which was launched in Brazil not too long ago. Although not much detailed, a statement by LG shows that LG is going to make more out of the technology.

With the new triple-sim technology, user can call, make SMS’s,  send data simultaneously on the three Sim cards. To make it more user-friendly it has also introduced an standby mode for it. Mediatek is often acclaimed as  providing a “high level of stability,” and reducing the instances of lost or low-quality calls. The target of this is primarily the emerging markets, but the company stated that it is expected to deliver affordable premium level options to other markets too.

LG Electronics’ Head of Product Planning Group Brian Kwon said: “MediaTek has long provided state-of-art solutions for multi-SIM mobile devices. 3G triple-SIM is yet another example of that. Thanks to its groundbreaking technology, our new smartphones will significantly expand the connectivity options of our customers, and in so doing allow them to take advantage of multiple tariff plans.”

SOURCE: PR Newswire


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