Dell Streak 7 Gets Unofficial CM10.1


dell streak 7 cm10.1

Dell Streak 7 launched years ago and i’m sure many of us have even forgotten it. But some of the users who still use it can now flash unofficial CM10.1 build. Guys if you wan to install it than head over to source link below. After installing it you will get all features like GPS, Bluetooth, +previous, Boots!!!, Touchscreen, Hapatic feedback, External SD, Internal Storage, Power button, Brightness, Root, Capacitive buttons, WIFI, MTP, Sound and Sensors except Camer and external mic.

Last year in January it received Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM.

Hope you guys understand the risks of flashing the ROM. If you’r ready than head over to link below.

Source: XDA


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