Download OnePlus Gallery App v5.0.34 [Old Versions Archive]


We have several Gallery apps available, yet there has to be one serving all your purpose. Well, now you have found it— OnePlus Gallery. The platform features a simple and lightweight design with a clear timeline. This makes the pictures sit in collections, making photos easy to find and share. Moreover, you can edit the image with different tools like adjusting light, color, contrast, and 16 innovative filters.

OnePlus Gallery

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Download OnePlus Gallery App

  • [November 11, 2021]: Version v5.0.34

The smartphones running the latest OS OxygenOS 12 based on Android 12 can flash the new Gallery version v5.0.34. The update is rolling out globally in a stable phase only for
OxygenOS 12.

Download Version v5.0.34

  • [October 25, 2021]: Version v4.0.211

OnePlus Gallery is getting a new stable update globally with version – v4.0.211. The build fixes some issues hindering the user experience. The handsets running OxygenOS based on Android 10 and later can flash the update by tapping the button below.

What’s New?

  1. Fixing issues of user experience.

Download Version v4.0.211

  • [October 17, 2021]: Version v4.0.307

OnePlus is releasing a new stable update for the Gallery app globally. The build bears the version number v4.0.307 which is Compatible with Android 10 or later OS versions.

Download Version v4.0.307

  • [July 24, 2021]: Version – v4.0.275

A new stable version v4.0.275 is rolling out to the OnePlus Gallery app. The app is compatible with Android 10 OS or later. It optimizes the process of loading images and fixes the missing photos issue in WhatsApp.

What’s New?

  1. Optimizing the process of loading photos
  2. Fixing the missing photos in WhatsApp

Download Version v4.0.275

  • [May 7, 2021]: Version v4.0.173 

The OnePlus Gallery app is getting bumped with a stable version v4.0.173. The build is rolling out for the devices running Android 10 or later. It resolves the missing pictures from the WhatsApp issue and optimizes the pictures loading process.

What’s New?

1. Optimizing the process of loading photos
2. Fixing the missing photos in WhatsApp

Download Version v4.0.173

  • [May 2,2021]: Version v4.0.181

Download the new stable version of the OnePlus Gallery app v4.0.181. If you are operating Android 10 or later OS, you can tap on the button below. The build resolves the issue with the photo information.

What’s New?

  1. Fix the issue of photo information.

Download Version v4.0.1781

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