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In order to give the users a whiter-than-white experience, Samsung offers a suite of their own apps known as Samsung modules. This includes multiple apps like Good Lock, Theme Park, Multi Star, and more. Good Lock is the best module offered by Samsung. It enables the user to customize various aspects of Samsung’s One UI software. Moreover, they can theme their phone to their liking or even add new features.

samsung good lock

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Download Samsung Good Lock App

  • [January 31, 2023]: Samsung Good Lock update helps set up your new Galaxy phone faster. Good Lock users switching to another Galaxy phone can now stick with their settings in the MultiStar and QuickStar modules. The new features are available in MultiStar and QuickStar app versions 6.2.5 and
  • [October 18, 2022]: Samsung Good Lock app is receiving a new update will several new features. The new APK is not yet available but will be made available in the coming few weeks. Below is the official changelog:

A new Good Lock module for controlling camera settings

Quick Star is getting a top bar stopwatch function and more status bar features

NavStar will soon feature an adjustable taskbar button

Home Up is getting new share manager features

Clock Face will offer support for tablets

A function that allows users to create memes using the Kids Cafe keyboard module

A new Good Lock feature for sharing settings and personalized UI elements with friends and other devices

Download version v2.2.04.46

  • [September 8, 2022]: A new update for the Samsung Good Lock with version v2.2.04.36 is available to download. The users in the global market can tap on the button below. However, make sure that you are running Android 8.0 or later OS. The build changes the categories with Makeup and Life up. You can refer to the changelog below for precise details.

What’s New:

  • Change categories with Makeup and Life up
  • Make-up: the plugins for making your device more aesthetic.
    ex) LockStar, ClockFace, Keys Cafes, etc.
  • Life up: the plugins that helps to use Galaxy more conveniently and easily
    ex) One-Hand Operation +, MultiStar, Routines +, etc.

Download version v2.2.04.36 

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