Eric Schmidt: Android Having 1.5 Million Activations Daily


Another milestone from Android, Eric Schmidt speaking at Dive Into Mobile 2013 said that Android is now having 1.5 Million daily activations which was developed for Smart Cameras. Last fall it was at 1.3 million and last month it was 1.4 million activations per day. He also added that total Android activations should reach one billion by the end of the year.


Schmidt further adds that their main goal is to make 1 billion activation per day by the end of the year and he also wants $100 price point as the standard price for Android devices. He points out that now “no one uses a phone by themselves any longer” and further elaborated by saying that “most people aren’t even making calls.”

Currently android is available 160 countries and it have 320 operators and there are now about 700,000 apps available in the Google Play Store.

Schmidt praises about Samsung and noted that the Korean-based company is the largest Android user. He believes that Samsung and other companies devices will become cheaper “as long as memory requirements don’t massively increase, these devices will trickle down.”

So guys there’s great future ahead waiting for Android. Recently Eric also said that whole world will be online by 2020.

Via: Engadget


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