Essential Phone camera app receives update with new features


Essential phone Camera app is receiving a new update with some new changes. Essential is providing timely updates not just to its phone but also to the apps. They are eliminating the bugs and issues from both the phones and apps. Recently, they introduced a new update to the camera app of the Essential Phone.

Essential Phone

As per the changelog, the camera app brings grid options. It will allow users to divide the whole camera screen into grids for precision. It allows users to click straight photo or aligned photo at a particular angle. Usually, this feature is used by some camera geeks but most of the time it remains unused.

Further, the Essential phone camera app receives various stability fixes which will improve the overall performance of the camera app.

Essential has already given the camera app update just a week ago. At that time they added app shortcut support for different modes. It also improves the performance of the camera with the 360 image preview.

As now, there aren’t any more changes in the app. You can update your app by visiting the Play Store.

Source: Play Store


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