Facebook, Google, Dell And Many Others On Samsung’s Side In Patents Battle Against Apple


As per the InsideSources, Samsung has a big group of supporters in its patents court battle against Apple. Samsung has got support from various tech giants like, Google, Facebook, Dell, HTC, etc.


These wars have already wasted so much time in courts. Apple and Samsung have been fighting in courts around the world for the past three years, trading suits over patent infringement, some involving now standard features such as double-tap or pinch to zoom.

The coalition sided with Samsung in a “friend of the court” briefing filed July 1, warning the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that ordering Samsung turn over the full profits of certain devices over select design elements copied from Apple could start a wave of lawsuits.

Here’s what silicon valley says together with Samsung argue that the decision against Samsung in this case would have a negative impact on companies that invest in R&D.

“If allowed to stand, that decision will lead to absurd results and have a devastating impact on companies, including [the briefing draftees], who spend billions of dollars annually on research and development for complex technologies and their components.”

So let’s see what outcome we get from the battle. All the companies are quoting to court for reviewing the decision at rehearing.

SOURCEScribd (InsideSources)
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