Facebook Home Based Homebase Lockscreen Now Available From Play Store


Facebook Home, upcoming Facebook launcher to provide different experience on your Android Device. Currently official facebook Home Launcher is not available for download and is expected to arrive this coming Friday. If you can’t wait for a day than you need to install Homebase Lockscreen App on your Android Device which will transform your Device’s Lockscreen into Facebook Home like screen.

Homebase app is developed by Widdit Labs the app will run on devices with Android 2.2 or later and touts itself as being able to offer the “slick look” of Facebook Home.  You can also customize the app as it offers quite a bit in terms of changing the look and feel of your lock screen.

You can change default background, pick a personal unlock icon and choose a custom unlock sound as well as being able to add screens, remove screens and re-order screens.

Head over to the Play Store link below to download the Homebase App.

Play Store


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