FireFox Android App Update Brings Night Mode For Reader And Much More


Firefox Android  App has received new update and new version includes various new features along with usual bug fixes and improvements. It includes new sharing features, night mode for reader and WebRTC (Real Time Communications) ) with several other enhancements.

mozilla quickshare

You can share content easily with Twitter, Facebook, SMS or email. Further it will automatically add frequently used services for sharing to the menu itself. Also you can share deals with NFC aks users will be able to share open tabs between two NFC-capable handsets.

Coming onto WebRTC, it will allow you to gain real time browsing experience. Its a new HTML5 API that enables real-time communication, such as video calling in the browser, has come to your favorite mobile browser.

firefox reader

It supports these components:

  • getUserMedia (gUM), which provides access to the user’s webcam and microphone
  • PeerConnection, which enables calls from one browser to another
  • DataChannels, which establishes peer-to-peer data transfer between browsers

So guys what are you waiting for? Head over to the Play Store link below and download the la6test version of the Firefox Android App.

Download: Play Store


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